Immortal Lust

I’m sorry, this title has been retired. You will be able to find my story, Shadows & Light, expanded into a full-length stand-alone novel very soon!



As vampires, the entire world is at our disposal. We’re blessed with the one thing that others crave – immortality.

While life may be eternal, love doesn’t come so easy.

In this anthology, you’ll go on various journeys with characters who are on their own paths to find their mate, something they crave more than anything else in this world.

***Immortal Lust features a collection of short stories from various authors who have written in time frames from the eighteenth century to modern times. Steam levels vary depending on author and storyline.



From my story, Shadows & Light:

“I see you haven’t revoked my invitation.”

My back went rigid and I closed my eyes, letting out an exasperated sigh. I didn’t turn around to look. I knew Kade Walker’s voice anywhere. We used to be partners, we used to be lovers, but then he’d gone and ruined it.

“Probably because it’s been eight long years and I figured you wouldn’t ever have cause to darken my doorstep ever again. . .  let alone that you’d just waltz right in after all this time and make yourself comfortable.”

I heard him smile, the slight exhalation of air as he fought to suppress his chuckle too late. I could picture him, leaning nonchalantly against the open archway to my kitchen from the dining room, the living room beyond that framed by another open archway. Not that I’d be able to pay attention to that at all, not with Kade standing there looking delicious, not aged a single day from the last I saw him, his fangs denting his bottom lip ever so slightly as the corners of his lips upturned into this amused, sexy little smirk at my expense.

Kade was infuriating for a lot of reasons. Where did I start the list?




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