Romanticizing The Gods






Gods, monsters, and creatures have existed before the dawn of time.

In this anthology, you’ll receive a variety of different twists on mythological gods, monsters, and creatures.

Norse are known for their brutality, as well as their sacrifices. Greek and Romans show their love of the arts, wine, and music, though will fight for anything they wish to conquer. Egyptians show their rise to power and their relentless determination to keep on the same path, tearing down anyone in their way. Meanwhile, Celtics are the first faeries to wander this realm.

Suspense, romance, and intrigue. What could happen to your favorite gods, demi-gods, monsters, and more? Dive into Romanticizing the Gods to find out.

This collection includes stories from J.H. Wolfe, Rae Hendricks, Timber Philips, Liz Knox, C. Renee, Amberdawn Collier, Corrine Falls, Krista Ames, Parker Stevens, Z.Z. Warlander, and Jared KingPacal Lain.



From my story, The Lightkeeper’s Daughter: 

“I want you to have this,” I said and held out the bracelet. A simple thing crafted of seaweed, shells, and magic to keep it unbreakable. Plain and ordinary to the mortal eye but special all the same. My Maire didn’t know me as anyone but her friend, the local boy, Merric and this was my first gift to her.

“It’s a lovely thing, did you make it yourself?” she asked, holding out her wrist, blushing prettily across her nose and cheeks.

“Aye. It’s not much but I want you to remember me.”

By all appearances, we were a girl and boy of ten, sitting on the rocks while the tide came in. Of course, no grown man or woman saw me. Her father, the lightkeeper, had his suspicions but it was nae he could prove. He thought I was her imaginary friend and she was growing too old to have me around.

I would have to reinvent myself to be near her, so this was my first gift but also my parting one.
For now.

I tied the bit of deep emerald weed with its tiny, white and deep purple shell charms around her wrist and sealed it with a bit more magic in the knot. She would be able to remove it, if she so desired, but no one else could.

“Are ye going somewhere, then?” she asked curiously and I smiled with a ghost of sorrow on my lips.

“Never,” I promised. “I’ll always be near ye.”

She smiled brightly and leaned forward touching her lips to my cheek and it rippled out to my edges and altered my being to the very soul.

I hated doing this to her, but it was the right thing to do . . .


Text Copyright © 2020 A.J. Downey DBA Timber Philips

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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